photo Maria, Sweden

Maria, Sweden

This course gave me a bigger perspective of how our temple to body works and how we can use the ancient holistic knowledge about how we can heal and work with ourself. It was intense but it's so worth it, the environment is magical and the teachers has big hearts and want to make everyone feel good during the hole time. In the end we felt Lila a family and I will alerts remember this experience.

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photo Irina, Russia

Irina, Russia

I passed YTTC in 2012 and it was unforgettable experience. Those days teaching yoga was not my aim, I was just interested in improving my own practice. I got more than that. After one month in ashram I got very good basis for self practice and I was inspired to teach too. The biggest value of this course for me is deep understanding of the most important things... who I am, what is life, what dharma is, what yoga is, etc. And we, students, get it not from books or lectures mostly. It comes in feelings through communication with Saji, such a wise and loving teacher, and other teachers as well. I would strongly recommend this course to everybody.

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photo Anna & Juergen, Germany

Anna & Juergen, Germany

We first met Saji in 2011 during our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course, and very much inspired not only by his knowledge and experience, returned to complete our Yoga Therapy training with him in 2012. Since then, Saji has become not only our teacher but also our dearest friend and we have returned each year for several weeks to continue to study under his patient and expert guidance. What makes Saji's courses so outstanding is not just his vast knowledge in this area, but that he shares his life experience as someone who truly lives the Yogic path and teaches from the heart. We are also vastly grateful to Saji for his generosity in sharing his time and knowledge with our own Yoga students during our co-hosted retreats and our joint Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Thank you Saji! With love and shanti,

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photo Ali, England

Ali, England

This has been such a wonderful month learning experience. Thank you for your patience and for keeping me decide what I want to do with my life!(yoga). hope I can be (almost) as truly inspiration teacher as you some day.

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photo Katerina, Greece

Katerina, Greece

I've been to India twice so far, and hope and wish to visit again! In both trips (yoga retreats) Saji was not just our yoga teacher, but also a guide, in both spiritual and practical matters. He is a great yoga instructor, a wonderful story-teller and a valuable spiritual guide !!!

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photo Délia, France

Délia, France

When my eyes first met Saji, I instinctively knew that I could trust him and that I wanted (and needed !) to make a journey with him. Saji shares with all his heart the ancient teachings of yoga, but most of all, he is sharing a spiritual path given to human kind by the Rishis. It is such a blessing being around Saji, he speaks from the heart to all hearts. One can feel deeply his light and love towards all beings in the Universe. I highly recommend to future yoga teachers to meet Saji and to share a small part of his inner light !

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photo Lars, Sweden

Lars, Sweden

I have had three very influential teachers in my life. Teachers that are always coming back to my mind, like small angels on my shoulders, whispering sentences of intuition. Saji is one of them. I have been studying with him three times, during his three trainings that he offers. He is always in my heart, soul, mind and a constant reason for me to strive for growing more.

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photo Vasso, Greece

Vasso, Greece

Meeting Saji was by chance, studying with Saji was by choice. I realized shortly after meeting him at a yoga retreat few years back that I had found the qualities of the teacher I had been looking for. Having been able to study by his side and complete Yoga Therapy and Advanced Teacher Training Course has made me realize and appreciate the vastness of knowledge, the depth of wisdom and the warmth of sharing this universal truth which Saji has conveyed to all of his students. Yet his humbleness is an example to us all which as time goes by makes me feel more appreciative of the unique opportunity I’ve had to entrust this enlightened teacher to shape the way I feel, behave and act as a human being and a yoga teacher.

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photo Hanneke, Spain

Hanneke, Spain

Saji is a wonderful teacher, who can show you the path of yoga in a beautiful way. He is living all his teachings and that shows in his trainings. With love and patience he shares his knowledge and own path with us. Which not only enables you to share yoga with your community back home, but as well makes it a beautiful inward journey to yourself. Thank you Saji!

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photo Benjamin, Russia

Benjamin, Russia

Infinitely happy to meet so great Teacher. Saji gives knowledge about philosophy, theory and practice of classical yoga. He does it sencirely from his heart.

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photo Ambily, USA

Ambily, USA

True teachers use themselves as bridge over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing , joyfully collapse ,encouraging them to create bridges our guiding light and channeling god’s love. I will always keep this experience close in my heart. You will be one among all the teachers I will thank (next to patanjali) whenever I start my yoga practice! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Om santhi.

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photo Hilde, Norway

Hilde, Norway

I attended the 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training course from December 2017 to January 2018. It was my first time ever traveling to India, and my background in yoga was very basic. The course was an intense, but amazing experience. It gave me the knowledge, inspiration, practice and confidence to make my personal practice stronger and to start teaching others. Saji is a great teacher, sharing all his knowledge and experience in Hatha Yoga. He is such a warm, humble and happy yogi. I'm very excited to go back for the 300 hour Teacher Training next year! Hari Om

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photo Peter, Sweden

Peter, Sweden

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go to Sajis yoga teacher education! It was indeed a very good foundation! I've really learned a lot, and all I can say is that I'm so grateful that it was just this teacher education I received! Wish everyone could get this education just as I got! I think of course to go to Saji's training as therapist yoga teacher education in 2020. I warmly recommend both Saji as a person and Saji's education, he and the education are amazing!

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photo Evelina, Sweden

Evelina, Sweden

It's a comprehensive and well organized training which takes you back to the very roots of Hatha Yoga. I couldn't imagine a better teacher than Saji. He combines great knowledge, wisdom and respect for the tradition with an amazing playfulness. I enjoyed every second of the training. It's a blessing that lasts for a lifetime - considering the development of my own Sadhana, as well as the healing practices that I'm now able to pay forward. With Gratitude and Love. Hari Om.

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photo Alia, France

Alia, France

I did the YTT 250hrs and the Yoga Therapy course with Sri Saji , two courses which I heart-fully recommend to everyone that would like to learn the essence of yoga whatever the objective is. These courses gave me the solid and deep foundations necessary to become comfortable in sharing this art, and more important they gave me a transformational base and space for my own Being. Saji, and all the team he hand picked, are people which live yoga and share their experience and knowledge in an ever most dedicated and caring way. It does not matter where we are on our yoga path, an encounter with Saji will abundantly enrich it.
Thank you Dearest Teacher.

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photo Marie, Croatia

Marie, Croatia

The yoga therapy course was one of the best experiences of my life. It not only profoundly deepened my own yoga practice but equipped me with powerful life enhancing tools I am now able to share with expertise with my students. Studying with Saji and the very skilled and experienced group of experts who collaborate with him is a great gift. Living yoga in the ashram environment is the absolute best way to study, learn, share and grow. I will forever treasure those beautiful days in Kerala!

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photo Chanda, USA

Chanda, USA

Two years after taking Saji's 300 hour teacher training I still find myself going back through notes and books to integrate all that we we taught during the transformational month in Kerala. He guides the classes with such deep knowledge and an even deeper kindness and grace. If you are looking for a YTT THIS is the one you should choose!! Thank you Saji!, I will be back!

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photo Asa, Sweden

Asa, Sweden

Saji is a fantastic teacher, holding the space with his beautiful presence, generosity and deep knowledge of yoga, keeping the ancient traditions and at the same time being very open to many cultures and different ways of life. With serious ambition and a good sense of humour he is a great source of inspiration and a true yogi. I took part in his retreats, classes and in his yoga therapist training. I deeply and recommend Saji and Vashista yoga to anyone who wants to grow as a human being in yogic ways.

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photo Tatiana, Canada

Tatiana, Canada

I did my YTTC and АТТC with Saji in 2017. Every day was special and atmosphere was peaceful and spiritual. Saji did a great job sharing knowledge and spiritual experience of yoga. We studied theory, practiced asanas, learned many technics of meditation and relaxation and we did many other geat things. I am very thankful to have such a great master as my teacher.

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photo Magdalena, Sweden

Magdalena, Sweden

After years of practicing Ashtanga Yoga i finally decided to do a Yoga teacher Training. I heard that Saji PK was one of the few "true" yogis left in India and the yoga he taught was classical Hatha Yoga. And I wasn't disappointed. I finished the 250 hrs TTC in 2008 and have since then taught yoga. I also wrote a book on yoga - Serenity Yin yoga - where I specifically express my gratitude to Saji.

Saji has a wonderful energy and way of teaching that comes from a deep practice of his own. Indeed we get a lot of theory, asana practice, pranayama, anatomy that you also can get from somewhere else but its Saji that makes it all happen. I highly recommend the teacher trainings at Vashishta Yoga.

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photo Daniela, Germany

Daniela, Germany

When I began my Yoga journey due to back problems and a need to de-stress after a long day at work, I had no idea that Yoga would change my world profoundly.

That all changed in 2012, when I found my world shattering due to life events that challenged me on a very deep level. After attending a Suncokret Retreat, led by co-founder Evening-Marie, I made the decision to sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training Course in India with Evening’s beloved Yoga Teacher, P.K. Saji; founder of Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation in Kerala, India. From then on my life was not the same any more.

Saji is a wonderful and profound Yoga teacher, who is not only conveying the typical contents of a Yoga Teacher Training like Asanas and Pranayama but also the depths of Mantra chanting and Yoga Philosophy with the knowledge, that we are all Brahman, divine beings, on our path. Together with Shajesh, who is teaching the Tantric techniques like the Gayatri mantra or how to use a Japa Mala, they are giving a lot of insight, which you usually don`t learn in a Western Teacher Training. And what is especially important is the Gurukala, where the students live near their Teacher in the same Ashram for one month. In this case the beautiful Chinmaya Ashram, the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya in Kerala, where you also learn a lot about Indian people and their traditions.

In 2014 and 2016, I returned to Saji to study and complete training in the Intregrated Approach to Yoga Therapy and, in February 2017, I completed Saji’s Advanced Yoga Teacher training course. For me, the trainings with Saji and Shajesh have opened up the spiritual pathway behind the practice. They have helped me grow as a human and spiritual being and heal at the same time.

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photo Lena, Sweden

Lena, Sweden

I went for one month´s YTTC with Yogi Saji in India 2004. It was a very wide education that contained both theoretical and practical moments.

I will recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn traditional Hatha yoga and deepen their yoga practice, regardless of age or level. Yogi Saji´s big knowledge of traditional Hatha yoga, his humility and ability to spread joy and love leaves no one untouched.

The time during TTC was a very important time in my life. I developed both as a person as in my yoga practice. It inspired me to continue practicing yoga and share that knowledge when I came home to Sweden. I have held yoga courses in traditional Hatha Yoga since 2004. Since two years ago I also educate yoga instructors in Sweden based on what Saji teaches me.

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photo Anna, France

Anna, France

Saji is a very funny, dynamic and inspiring teacher !
Always available for his students, and completely devoted to the transmission of the deep knowledge of Yoga. His faith and happiness are very contagious... and his inexhaustible energy is a proof of the efficacy of what he is teaching ! I feel very grateful for this yoga therapy training with Saji. I've received much more than what I expected... I go back home with lots of knowledge, deep peace and big gratitude... Thank you so much Saji !

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photo Debbie, England

Debbie, England

Thank you so much for everything. You have been a great inspiration as well as a fantastic teacher. Keep well..relax..Smiley face.

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photo Ewa, Sweden

Ewa, Sweden

I am a student of Saji since many years and I have been teaching yoga since 2004. Saji has always been my head teacher and absolutely the one for me. His deep knowledge and lifestyle and love hearted personality always touched me deeply. Im very grateful

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photo Julia, France

Julia, France

I've been following the Yoga Teacher Training with Saji in Kerala in December 2017. This 250h course is a really interesting experience for students, seekers and whoever wants to learn a more complete version of yoga. Indeed, Integral yoga is about the whole lifestyle of a yogi, not only the asanas. Saji's approach is full of love, and discipline. You'll definitely feel what it takes to be a yoga teacher, with a lot of tips for adjustments, the attitude, the rituals, etc. During 4 weeks, the pace is intense and you will integrate a lot of informations. I really appreciated all the masters invited to share their knowledge and clarifying some subjects with us. The Indian food cooked here is amazing a provides you good and clean energy. I left this course fulfilled with a lot of good vibes and the confidence to teach some classes back home."
All my gratitude for you Saji !

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photo Helene, Sweden

Helene, Sweden

I highly recommend these yoga programs. Wonderful teachers, they explain the essence of yoga in a fantastic way. Very inspiring. HARI OM

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photo Anna, Russia

Anna, Russia

Yoga Courses with Saji is the great experience. It is the month of hard work which transforms your perception of your own limitation. Thanks to the spiritual atmosphere one can gain so much energy to change the life after the course. I've done TTC 10 times already (being a translator) and every time I so much appreciate the opportunity to meet my Real Self on this amazing journey.

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photo Anna, England

Anna, England

I was deeply inspired from doing the yoga therapy training with Saji and all the specialist teachers he brought in. I have done countless training courses in the 35+ years of my yoga journey and this is one that really stands out. It offers teachings that are both useful and profound and very practical techniques, grounded in a genuinely spiritual context and environment. I was also able to clarify many questions I had been carrying for years and am very grateful to have found Saji’s course in 2010.

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photo Molly, Italy

Molly, Italy

Studying with Saji at Chinmaya Ashram should be an essential part of anyone's training. Saji’s background in the traditional lineage has given him the deepest experiences of the great science of yoga but his wisdom goes much beyond mere academic knowledge. His ability to teach the traditional yoga, while simultaneously presenting and encouraging modern perspectives and investigations speaks to the heart that Saji brings to Hatha yoga. Saji is a wise, humble and loving teacher and the opportunity to study with him is unparalleled.

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photo Marina, Greece

Marina, Greece

After a lengthy and thorough search to choose the right school for my yoga TTC , I m can’t be more grateful to have attended Vasishta Yoga TTC course. This is a very intensive course designed to give students a wealth of theoritical and practical tools to yoga teaching, a solid philosophical foundation on the science of Yoga but also an immersion to the spirituality of ashram life.

Saji is a true yogi - an exceptional teacher, really embodying the spirit and essence of yoga: highly and broadly educated, persistent yet compassionate and always sincerely attentive to the individual needs of his students. I found it particularly useful that he emphasized on the therapeutic powers of yoga.

He and his team of excellent teachers and Lecturers, made sure we packed as much knowledge as possible. Personally, I have been amazed at how quickly I had the confidence to teach yoga - and how the knowledge i received keeps on giving and growing in me. “

Vasishta yoga TTC is so much more than gaining knowledge though - it is a life changing experience and i highly recommend it to anyone genuinely interested in Yoga.

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photo Lena, Russia

Lena, Russia

I feel so lucky to had the opportunity to complete all 3 Saji’s courses. It totaly changed my life.
On the Teacher's training course, Saji explains Yoga in all it’s aspects without modern déformation, respecting masters of his lineage (parampara). After that student have a solid base and there is no risk to get lost in contemporary interprétations about yoga. And also very precious is that Saji allways provides knowledge at the level of students.
The Yoga therapy course is different from the Teacher's training course. If we compare Yoga therapy in Russia and in West with holistic approach provided by Saji, it is also a huge difference. It's not just anatomy, asanas and theory, it's a integrated approach to the health of human being. The amount of information is so large that it seems you will never apply most of this knowledge. But the more I practice yoga therapy, the more I understand that all the information is needed. It seems to me that every yoga teacher welling help people should complete this course.
And when we do the Advanced Teacher's training course it is not for our students, it's for our own growth. There is a lot of meditation, Kriya yoga, advanced pranayama and asanas. This was my favorite course!

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photo Jamie, Danmark

Jamie, Danmark

I joined Saji's wonderful Yoga Therapy Training in 2016, even though I had not planned to take a therapy course before I started writing with Saji to ask about his trainings. I just had the strongest sense that it was the right place, person, course and time for me to join and I was so right. It was such a special journey and Saji's teaching was incredible, he is an absolute joy to be around and a special soul indeed, so much so that I very much wish to and plan to join another course in the future. It says all you need to hear that there were many on the course that had studied with Saji before and were returning for more!

The location is absolutely stunning at Chinmaya. Firstly it's in Kerala which is a beautiful part of India and the grounds of the training are very special. so so spiritual, calming and the most perfect of settings to learn, practice and spend time.

The food is wonderful and although the accommodation block is not as pretty as the grounds as it's a newer building, the fact that it's a newer building means that you will be very comfortable and have everything you need when you need it.

Saji is joined by the wonderful Shajesh and, well when you meet them both you'll feel the special bond they have and how welcome they make you, that cannot be underestimated, they are so genuine, kind and caring. There was also guest speakers and teachers from within Chinmaya and from relevant fields that gives a lovely variety.

Don't hesitate to join one of the courses, you will not regret it, of that I'm sure........and what's more you'll be leaving with a very special gift in experience, knowledge, practice and training.

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photo Julia, Russia

Julia, Russia

This yoga school is amazing. I am very grateful to Saji , Maitri and Shajesh for the full picture of yogic life. The knowledge that I received in this course is priceless. I advise all my acquaintances to pass this school.

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photo Kathrin, Germany

Kathrin, Germany

In 2011, I was on a seven-month backpack trip through India, On that journey, I came across Saji and his yoga teacher training at the Chinmaya International Foundation in Kerala. I just wanted to rest after a long trip and learn a bit about Yoga, but it turned out to be a life changing experience. Saji´s personality and his way of teaching resonated so deeply with my core, I felt transformed by simply being around him. Saji is one of the most loving, caring and purest soul, I have ever met. He is 130% dedicated to sharing Yoga and lives what he teaches. His authenticity and knowledge about Yoga, paired with his playful nature, made me come back 4 times so far. Also, living, studying and practicing in an ashram had a big impact on me. Saji truly takes Yoga "off the mat" and demonstrates how to live healthy, simple and in engagement with each other. Experiencing a "safe community" is so rare these days and it reminded me how we are supposed to live according to our nature - I even met my Yoga family there, and will be forever grateful for that.

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photo Katja, Germany

Katja, Germany

I first met Saji on a Yoga retreat in Varkala beach in 2012 and was immediately fascinated by his way to share his deep knowledge of Yoga philosophy and internal experience.
In 2016 I decided to take part in the Yoga Teacher Training he offers together with Maha Shanti Yoga. The YTTC is held at Chinmaya International Foundation, which is a truly peaceful and spiritual place I always enjoy to return to.
Saji is the most authentic person I ever met and I am very grateful to be his student and to share the knowledge he offers with others.

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photo Mimi, Bali

Mimi, Bali

This has been an amazing experience for me! Thanks for enlightening me about yoga and its vast branches. You have opened my awareness and I can’t wait to learn more about yoga. you are a wonderful teacher and genuine person. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love.

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photo Mona, Canada

Mona, Canada

There is no words of thanks to great to offer you for sharing your knowledge with us. I could not have chosen a better spiritual guide. Your humor, kindness, love, patience and spirit are my best memories of learning yoga. Life is beautiful Om Santhi.

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photo Jacqueline, Canada

Jacqueline, Canada

Thank you so much a wonderful and interesting experience. We all learned a lot about ourselves through you. Namaste.

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photo Natalia, Russia

Natalia, Russia

Training takes place in a friendly atmosphere of family. We can't stop thank Saji for opportunity to join to Wisdom. But any wisdom can not be reached if we don't study. No doubt these courses are great chance for it.

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photo Rudy, Canada

Rudy, Canada

Thank you for guiding us through this wonderful experience, I feel blessed to have learned so much of this amazing art, keep smiling, lots of love.

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photo Susi, Australia

Susi, Australia

Thank you for all you have given. Thank you for your example of kindness, love, patience and gentleness and enthusiastic service to meet all our needs – your life in yoga is a wonderful example. Much love and gratitude.

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photo Tanya, England

Tanya, England

Thank you for a interesting and challenging course. I have learnt a lot. I hope I will put it to good practice when I return home.

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