About Vasishta Yoga Foundation

Are you looking for traditional knowledge and sincere teachers?

Are you looking to study in a peaceful place with hight vibration?

Are you looking for meet new yoga friends who are true yoga seekers like yourself?

If yes, join Vasishta Yoga circle!


Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation is a registered yoga organization located in Kerala, South India. Our linage is deeply  rooted in ancient yogic tradition mostly connected to Bihar School of Yoga. Main acharya Saji offers yoga courses, workshops, seminars, holistic yoga therapy retreats all over the world for more then 20 years. Expert and dedicated team of our yoga teachers is sharing  their knowledge and skills since many years as well.


We open an opportunity for every individual to explore their excellence in the path of yoga, with us. Our active and progressive teaching helps contribute to learning for hundreds of yoga teachers around the world. Vasishta Yoga yoga courses, workshops and retreats not just trains and helps understand yoga at a peripheral physical level but also lets open the inner core of the mind and soul.



Why Vasishta?


Vasishta Maharishi was an ancient sage of India. Vasishta means great, a person who shines with unparalled brightness, one who has conquered desire, anger, miserliness, jealously and pride. The learned guru was master to many great saints and rishis and is counted amongst the Saptarishis (Seven  great rishis). The name Vasishta Yoga has been derived from the deep understanding of the true science and Yoga that he possessed and propagated.


Vasishta Maharishi’s knowledge and deep message of mind awakening is embraced here and we strive to bring the mind of every yoga practitioner to that ultimate level of wakefulness. We attribute the name of our foundation to one of the greatest scholar, saint and supreme authority on Yoga, who guides us in this endevour.


Vasishta Yoga is an abode of enlightenment and self realisation. Here you will find your inner calling, a culmination to the pursuit of truth. Every mind awaits a bloom that when opens, reveals the one and only truth, that resides deep within. Vasishta Yoga is dedicated to bring that bloom forth and wake up the awareness and vital energy within everyone.


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