Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300h

This 4 weeks residential Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is designed for the most serious and dedicated yoga teachers and aspirants. The student of this course should be a regular practitioner of basic Hatha Yoga. The course emphasize on the deeper understanding of classical Hatha, Tantra, Raja and Kriya Yoga incorporating a 75% practical and 25% theoretical course structure. The accent on pranayama and meditation makes of this course a perfect space to grow in your sadhana in order to bring further your yoga students.

Course Content

Course Content


Theory and philosophy :

  • Study of Tantra and Vedanta
  • Gods, goddesses, avatars and their qualities
  • Myths of the asanas
  • Symbolism of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Devi Mahatmyam


Advanced Asanas :

  • Body alignment
  • Stretching and strengthening movements
  • Assisting / ajustings
  • Family of Lotus pose
  • Inversions
  • Arm balances
  • Advanced bends and hip openers
  • Sequencing of asanas in balanced way
  • Work with physical blockages
  • Restorative yoga


Advanced Pranayama :

  • Ancient methods of tantric pranayamas
  • Swara yoga pranayama
  • Mantra pranayama
  • Special kumbhakas
  • Sequencing of classical pranayama : 
  • Kapalabhati
  • Bhastrika
  • Ujjai
  • Bramaree
  • Sitali
  • Sitkari
  • Nadi shodhana
  • Vibhagya


Classical and Advanced Shatkarmas :

  • Basic and advance shat kriyas from ancient Hatha yoga system
  • Jala neti (cleansing of nostrils with water)
  • Sutra Neti (cleansing of nostrils with string)
  • Vamana Dhauti (yogic vomiting)
  • Varisara Dhouti (Shankha prakshalana) (cleansing of digestive system)
  • Vastra dhauti (swalling of 2-6m cloth)
  • Agnisara (energizing of the belly)
  • Nauli (rolling of the belly)
  • Trataka (candle gazing)


Advanced Mudras & Bandhas :

  • Classical bandha follow with tantric mudras
  • Mula bandha
  • Uddiyana bandha
  • Jalandhara bandha
  • Maha bandha
  • Finger, face and body mudras for paranayama and meditation


Sound practices and chanting:

  • Voice opening exercices
  • Advanced mantras, stotrams and archanas
  • Kirtans
  • Bhajans


Advanced Meditation :

  • Advanced tantric meditation
  • Kriya yoga meditation
  • Mantra yoga meditation
  • Prana yoga meditation
  • Advanced yoga nidra
  • Prana nidra
  • Ajapa japa meditation
  • Antar mouna meditation
  • Tattwa shuddi meditation
  • Tantric Japa Yoga


Ayurveda based on Samkhya philosophy :

  • 24 tattvas (elements)
  • 3 gunas (qualities)
  • 3 doshas / 15 sub-doshas
  • 7 dhatus (layers of the body)
  • Power of herbs and natural remedies
  • Fasting


Methodology :

  • Flow from basic to advanced practice
  • Creating balanced sequences for different purpose and different durations
  • Sequencing by topic
  • Teaching in holistic way
  • Design a program for a yoga retreat
  • Transformational practices for sharing cercles


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Teaching philosophy, all parts of Hatha yoga and Meditation

Saji is practicing yoga since the age of 17 and he graduated in 2001 from VYASA University (Bangalore, India), where he studied Yogic Sciences, Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy. But Saji’s background in the traditional lineage of Bihar school of yoga (founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati) has given him the deepest experiences which goes way beyond the academic knowledge. Since more then 20 years of teaching with open heart, Saji helped to grow to many very dedicated yogis and teachers all over the world. Travelling with different seminars, retreats and workshops, Saji also give a place that brings more balance and upliftment with tools of holistic yogatherapy to people who come to his private consultations.

Visiting teachers

During the course period, students will have an opportunity to study and interact with our guest lecturers from many different healing traditions. Our guest speakers will include doctors, philosophers, and other widely respected yoga experts.

Exams & Certification :

  • 1 collectif examination at the end of the 2nd week
  • teaching of 10 sections of the class (asanas, pranayama, relaxation, meditation)
  • create your sequence on specific topic
  • sanskrit names of asanas
  • 1 oral final examination
  • 1 writing final examination


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a diploma which is highly valued and internationally recognized.

Course venue

We are blessed to conduct our yoga courses in the beautiful and peaceful ashram belonging to the Chinmaya Mission, located 45 km from Kochi airport (Kerala / south India).


The ashram has a very peaceful atmosphere suitable for yoga and meditation, nature will wakeup early morning sunrise with the singing  birds, mantras and bells from temple refresh the mind,  ashram library is intellectual sanctuary with spiritual knowledge, students has an opportunity to introduce  various courses on Vedanta & Sanskrit. This is a sacred birth place of the great saint Adi Sankaracharya’s one can feel a calm, spiritual energy during their stay in ashram.



The accommodation is generally a shared room for 2 students but we try as much as possible to give you single room accommodation (when there are other courses running in the Ashram you will be asked to share). In case you don’t like to share we will provide you single room upon special request and subject to availability. The rooms are clean and simple with fan, attached toilet and shower with hot water. Laundry facilities and wifi are available in commun area.







The food is a simple vegetarian south indian diet and includes various seasonal fruits. Filtered drinking water is safe for health is freely available in the ashram.



Rules & guidelines for students

· Dress code suitable to the ashram environment is advised.
· Smoking and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited.
· Kindly lock the door when leaving the room. Do not keep any valuables near the windows.
· Anyone requiring any assistance like medical, taxi etc. please contact ashram office.
· Do not leave bags/personal belongings lying unattended as many ashram workers are from outside. Please keep belongings with you.
· Please switch off mobile phone in dining hall, yoga hall and temple
· Please maintain silence during breakfast and lunch.
· Please inform us if you have any food allergies.
· Please be punctual to yoga class. There will be one day per week free for you.
· Please don’t invite locals to ashram.
· WIFI: The ashram charges for wifi. Please deal directly with the ashram office for all matters related to wifi. Please be aware that they will charge per device!
· ATM Machine: located 1km from the ashram in village. Other ATMs are located in 5km from ashram.
· If you would like to change foreign currency please contact us.
· Library is open from 09.30 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 16.30. Closed on Sundays and every second Saturday.
· In order to receive your course certificate, the course must be completed in full.



Course fees & reservation

Course fee includes only course materials, food & accommodation in shared twin room

In order to reserve a place for this course, please complete this application form and return it with a deposit of 300 Euros, which will form a part payment of the full course fee, mentioned above. This course is limited to a small number of students and we cannot guarantee a place until the full deposit has been received.

Should enrolment be cancelled by a student for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable. In the unlikely event our course is cancelled, 100% of the payment/deposit will be refunded.




What is included in the course fee ?

  • Food and accommodation from 15th February to 15th March 2021
  • All tuition fees
  • 5 course books, notebooks and pens
  • Bag and yoga belt for practice

Course Dates

16th February to 14th March, 2025

Course Location

Kerala, South India

Course Fee

1850 Euro

Course Shedule

6h - 7h

Pranayama, Meditation, Arati

7h - 9h

Sun salutation, Asana, Kriya

9h - 10h


10h - 10h30

Karma yoga

10h30 - 11h30

Mantra yoga

11h30 - 13h

Philosophy / Theory class

13h - 15h

Lunch & rest

15h - 16h

Technics / Theory class /

16h - 18h30

Pranayama / Meditation

18h30 - 20h

Asanas practice

20h - 20h30

Light dinner

The organisation and payment of flights to India is the responsibility of the student.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this course please write to

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