Saji is the director and founder of International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation. He is presently called “Yoga Acharya“, a respectful title used as per indian tradition meaning Master of Yoga. Saji has been practicing yoga since the age of 17 (1989). In the beginning he studied and co-taught for 6 years with some of India’s more traditional teachers.


Saji was inspired by Swami Satyananda Saraswathi (Bihar School of Yoga), which was the turning point in his life. Since 1994 he actively dedicated himself to teaching yoga. The traditional and spiritual value education inspired him to diversify into the other possibilities of yoga.  He graduated with PG Diploma & Bachelor of Yogic Sciences degree, Diploma of Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy from VYASA University (Bangalore, India) and Kriya Yoga & Tantra Meditation from Bihar School of Yoga. Today he is regarded as an expert in  yoga therapy and represents India in national as well as international yoga seminars and conferences.


Saji’s background in the traditional lineage has given him the deepest experiences of the great science of yoga which goes way beyond mere academic knowledge. In 2006 Saji founded Vasishta Yoga International Research Foundation with the aim of conducting workshops, seminars, retreats, yoga therapy camps and stress management programmes extensively in India as well as many countries overseas.


At present, Saji is focusing on teaching different levels of yoga teacher’s courses and therapy programmes in India and abroad. He has trained many very dedicated students and teachers all over the world and travels extensively giving lectures and retreats. Saji’s life is totally dedicated to the teaching and spreading of this great knowledge.


Being a very humble and open hearted teacher, Saji always brings his students to the understanding of the importance of parampara (traditional lineage) and never forgets to credit his knowledge to his masters and pay the due respects. Through his classes and satsangs, Saji always spreads a vibe of positive energy and inspiration that has helped the group around him, to look at life with the right perspective. Saji is able to awake a deep interest and help grow the love for yoga as well in beginners and children, in teachers, travelers and monks.

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