Advanced Yoga Teachers Training Course (AYTTC) 
Our Advanced Yoga Teachers’ Training Course is a unique course, designed for only the most serious and dedicated yoga teachers and aspirants. The student of this course should be a regular practitioner of basic Hatha Yoga. The course aims to emphasise a deeper understanding of classical Hatha Yoga, incorporating a 75% practical and 25% theoretical course structure.

Course content
The main purpose of advanced Yoga practice is to help the student develop mentally, physically and spiritually. The systematic and regular practice of classical asanas, pranayama, kriyas, mudras, bandhas and deeper relaxation techniques will help to remove internal blockages and is a deep internal cleansing process. 

The three main aspects covered by the course are: Physical, Pranic & Mental.

The Physical aspect of the course aims to teach different advance asanas on a deeper level incorporating special sequences and different styes & variations of asanas. Special techniques will be taught that allow the performance of complex asanas in a simple way. Asanas not only increase physical fitness and flexibility of the body, but also help overcome physical blockages such as tension & stiffness of muscles. Each student will be expected to participate in daily practice (including morning practice on weekends).

The second part of the AYTTC will develop the student’s deeper practice on a pranic level. You will develop advanced pranayama practice to cleanse the nadis (energy channels) and learn how to release the inner blockages in chakras through chakra purification techniques. Advanced techniques of asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha, as well as various kriyas for cleansing the internal organs are the special contribution of this course

Finally, the course will also look at the Mind through different ancient trantric meditation and the techniques of kriya yoga meditation, which help cleanse & strengthen the manomaya kosha. We will also practice mantra chanting , selected part of yoga philosophy , basic & advanced yoga nidra.

We offer this course once every 2 years in India for a very limited and select number of students only. The daily schedule includes 7-8 hours of classes a day and every weekend is given to the student to develop personal practice or free time

Advanced Practice of Asanas
Styles in postures - Special sequence - Varations - Basic to Advance flow in asanas - Works with physical blockages.
Advanced Practice of Pranayama
Ancient methods of tantric pranayamas -swara yoga pranayama -mantra pranayama - Sequence of classical pranayama.
Advanced Practice of ShatKriya
Basic and advance shat kriyas follow from ancient hatha yoga system .
Advanced practice of Mudras & Bandhas
Classical Bandha follow with tantric mudras..
Advanced Practice of Meditation
Advance tantric meditation practice : Selected Kriya Yoga Meditation, Mantra yoga Meditation - Prana yoga Meditation - Ajapa japa meditation - Antar Mouna Meditation, Tattwa Shuddi Meditation..
Tantric Japa Yoga
Mantra Chanting - Pure tantric approach to inner purification practice of japa yoga.
Basic Introduction to Ayurveda..
Introduction to Natural Therapy Naturopathy is a natural approach to improving health and treating illness which focuses on the use of natural substance and treatments. Naturopathy believes "All healing power are within your body". It, therefore advocates aiding the human system to remove the causes of diseases, ie. toxins, by expelling the unwanted matter from the body for curing the diseases. We fall ill only when we go against nature..
06.00-06.30 – Meditation
06.30-09.00 - Classical Asana practice
09.00-10.00 – Breakfast
10.00-10.30 – Karma yoga
11.15-11.45 – Mantra Chanting
11.45–13.00–  Advance                     practice:prayanama/

13.15–15.30 – Lunch & Rest
15.45–16.45   Teaching/Methodologyof                     practice/ Lecture 
19.00–20.00 – Advance Asana Practice
20.00–21.00 – Dinner
Timings may be subject to slight modification

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a diploma in their area of study. Our diploma is a highly valued and internationally recognized certification presented by International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation.

Course Dates & Location
20th Feb to 19th March, 2019.

Nr. Cochin, Kerala, South India

*Course fee 1600 Euros
(*includes food & accommodation)

The organisation and payment of flights to India is the responsibility of the student.

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying for this course please write to: